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Web Design Tips for 2017


It’s always crucial for web designers to recognize new trends as they emerge in the industry. While aiming to make sites as user-friendly as possible, it’s equally as important to create visually appealing web designs. To make more appealing designs in a timely manner, it’s important to read up on the most effective technologies, methods, and mechanisms to make web design more efficient. We’ve listed a few of the upcoming trends for 2017 so web designers can improve their techniques today.

Many people understand the concept of duo tones. This is because this technique is widely used in both the print medium and photography. Using different tones in digital designs are just as effective as in print. Contrasting colors create better visuals and therefore, better designs. Many popular brands are known to use duo tones in their various projects. There are even applications web designers can use to quickly change their normal images into duo tone images.

Stock images have been commonly used in web design for years now. Stock photos are too generic, making users unable to connect with the brands that utilize them. Users want to see actual customers and authentic photography. However, for companies that don’t have the means to take their own photographs, there are photographers out there that offer stylish and high quality photographs for clients to utilize. These images bring uniqueness and boldness that you can’t find with stock imagery.

Another emerging concept is the use of gradients throughout web design. Gradients can easily push your design up a level. Utilizing gradients create backgrounds that are rich in color without being too over the top. Users and web designers are both attracted to the gradient trend, hence why it seems to be utilized all over the web these days.

Web design and development companies in NY must stay current with the trends to create better designs. The tips above will help designers and developers execute better projects.