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Steps to Garage Organization


Before the weather gets nice and your weekends become designated for beach days and barbecues, it’s a good idea to get your garage organized. In the summer, the garage is typically used more often. Between summer activities, camping trips, yard work, and home improvement projects, people need to go into the garage and find various items they need. Before the summer starts, take these tips and organize your garage to make this summer easier on you so you can focus on fun instead!

It’s important to assess your environment before jumping into this project. You’ll need to sort through all of the stuff you have and decide what you’ll need to keep and what can be tossed, donated, or sold. In addition, visualize the space and think about how it’ll function. Prioritize what you want out of your garage, for example, do you want to store 1 or 2 cars or will it solely be a storage space?

Clear out every single item before you start organizing. It’s easier to organize when you’re working with a clean slate. Use your lawn space to take everything out and sort it into groups of like items. This will make it easier when you start planning out the organizational systems you’ll use and where you’ll place them.

The next step is to plan out where everything will go. Create designated zones for items that are similar, such as yard tools or sports equipment. In addition, figure out how you’ll store certain items. You should make plans for your biggest items as well as the smallest items. You’ll have to find places for everything you decide to keep. The more detailed you are with planning, the easier the overall process will be.

Lastly, you’re ready to shop for your organizational systems and get to work! Follow your plans to execute them more efficiently.