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Get Your Designs Screen Printed


A common technique used to create promotional items like t-shirts, hats, and tote bags is known as screen printing. Whether you’re considering designing t-shirts for your next family reunion or creating company merchandise for your employees, screen printing is your best bet. Screen printing is so amazing because you can put any design you want onto various items. It’s also a cheap and fairly easy process. This article will give you all the information you need on the screen printing industry.

The “screen printing” industry comes from a technique of literally printing using screens. Using screens allows printing companies to apply various designs on multiple surfaces. This process brings various printing companies the ability to mass produce t-shirts for huge events.

These thick emulsions go over the screen. This helps bring together the screen and the design and is an essential part of the process. The emulsion hardens over time, but ultraviolet shielding ink is applied to the design to bring the design onto the surface.

After the design is transferred, the screen presses against a printing machine. This brings color onto the design. The color must be pushed through the screen in this process. Because of the emulsion, the ink will only pass through the areas where this ink was applied. The result is a beautifully customized design of the customer’s choice!

There are some difficulties in the screen printing industry. One of these difficulties lies in proper alignment so that every design is placed in the same exact spot on each item. This becomes more difficult when there are more than 3 colors involved. Another challenge in the industry is that some items must experience other steps besides the above-mentioned. Some items need heat treatment prior to screen printing. It all depends. However, it’s important to recognize which orders you’ll need to execute these extra steps so you don’t tell the clients the order will be ready sooner than it actually will be.

Despite the challenges screen printing workers face, a great way to customize awesome designs is by screen printing. Since it’s a fairly easy process, professionals charge very reasonable rates for mass-produced orders.