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Architectural Trends in Long Island, NY


Trends in architecture come and go just like with anything else in life. While some individuals stick to a classic style all their lives, others try to keep their home up-to-date with the latest architectural trends. Some people strive to have the most innovative and stylish designs from their everyday attire down to their interior architecture. This article will shed some light on the upcoming trends in interior design to help the individual who’s always striving for the latest and the greatest.

  • Geometric patterns- Wallpaper isn’t as common anymore and that’s why it’s making headlines for 2017 trends. Wallpaper can be fun and edgy, and what better way to bring it back then with geometric patterns all over it? This look can create a more fun and stylish feel to any room, big or small.
  • Wood accents- No matter what style you’re going for, wood accents can bring an earthy feel to any home. Unlike metals, wood can work anywhere in the home and brings a more unique style. Some ideas of implementing wooden accents include centerpieces, wall clocks, furniture, or even something as small as drink coasters.
  • Fun front doors- Bold, colorful front doors are frequently used to transform your style in an easy, non-permanent way. Paint your front door a fun and vibrant color, such as a rich red or a bold blue. Even if you realize you don’t like the outcome, it’s super simple to just paint over it again.
  • Tropics- Another concept interior designers and homemakers are focusing on is tropical accents. Tropical plants and accents bring a creative look that brings people to a tropical paradise. The smells and styles of your interior will instantly bring you and your guests into a vacation mindset.

As with everything else in life, architecture trends in Long Island come and go. If you want to keep your home looking modern at all times, it’s important to look for new architectural trends as they emerge.